“Landscape study in Champrosay”
Oil on paper mounted on panel – 15,5 x 28 cm
Around 1845
“View of Etretat”
Oil on panel – 24 x 35 cm
Indistinctly signed lower left “E. Due … / 89”
“Pozzuoli and the Bay of Naples”
Oil on paper – 31 x 42.3 cm
Circa 1844
“View of the Amalfi Coast”
Oil on canvas and original stretcher – 25 x 32,5 cm
Signed and dated lower left “Remond/1827”
“View of a terrace in Capri”
Oil on paper mounted on canvas – 17,7 x 36 cm
Stamp of the signature lower right “G. Boulanger”
Mounting and original frame on the reverse of which is the stamp of supplier “HARO FILS SUCC. Restorer of paintings from the Tuilerie Palace and the Ministry of Public Works, 20 rue Bonaparte”
Provenance :
Estate of the artist (studio stamp lower right)
“Figures at the lake Nemi”
Oil on cardboard – 16 cm x 21 cm – Oil on paper laid down on canvas – 32,7 cm x 49,8 cm
Signed lower left
“Waterloo bridge, effect of fog”
Pastel on paper – 25.5 cm x 52 cm signed and signed lower right “Souvenir affectionueux / P.A. ISAAC” – located and dated “Waterloo Bridge in the fog / 1903” lower left

A native of Calais, Isaac was the son of a lace manufacturer. He moved to Paris in the late 1870s and decided to become a painter, for which he was trained by Jean-Paul Laurens. He soon received his first commissions and continued this activity until 1895.He was a decorator for Art Nouveau until 1900 […]

“The last cascade of Isola di Sora, Italy”
Oil on paper laid down on canvas – 25 cm x 38,5 cm
“A Monk reading inside the Coliseum”
Oil on paper laid down on canvas – 21 cm x 28 cm – Signed on the lower right “Granet”

Granet, who was from a modest family, trained under the painter Constantin d’Aix at the Académie des Beaux-Arts of Aix-en-Provence and then in Paris under Jacques-Louis DAVID. He lived for a time at the Capuchin convent alongside the painters GIRODET and INGRES […]

“Prayer to the Madonna”
Oil on canvas, original stretcher – 37.5 cm x 45.5 cm – Signed on the lower right and on the stretcher – On the reverse, various inscriptions including “La prière du soir [the evening prayer]” – fragment of a label, hard to decipher, giving the painter’s biography – On the back of the canvas, dealer’s stamp stenciled “Alphonse GIROUX in PARIS” with a number “239”

Almost totally forgotten today, Desmoulins was above all a history painter. Readily Troubadour, from 1819 on he exhibited paintings of this movement at the Salon. Two examples « Francis I at Laura’s Tomb » and « The Count of Comminges at the Abbey of La Trappe, digging his grave » […]

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